CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with a sole purpose of getting you as fit as possible in every way.

CrossFit offers strength and conditioning protocols to suit any fitness goals from sports specific, beginner to elite athlete, outdoor pursuits, daily life and wellbeing to rehabilitation from injury.

These strength and conditioning protocols apply to all individuals with a focus on creating functional strength, endurance with both anaerobic and aerobic recovery.

CrossHIIT is a different take on our regular CrossFit classes where we still lift barbells and add conditioning elements to our workouts only with the twist of interval training to the mix.

Think your typical CrossFit workout but were adding higher elements of intensity to drop those kilos and build strong muscles.

Jump on board the change of structure these classes provide will make you want to add the sessions to your weekly workouts.

Barbell Club

Kill Switch Barbell Club is now a WWA Club affiliate for those athletes looking for a dedicated weightlifting program.

Club sessions focus primarily on practicing and improving technical execution of Olympic-style lifts in front of a coach.

Programming is devoted to Olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk)

Utilising strength periodisation training with additional accessory work, our training sessions are programmed to achieve the best overall results in these lifts.

Beginners and advanced lifters alike are welcome to join! All will receive programming and coached instruction on lifts in a limited group setting.

Whether you intend to compete in the Sport of Weightlifting or just want to improve your lifts for better CrossFit workouts then Kill Switch Barbell Club is the place for you!

Workout Scalability

So that everybody can improve their strength and conditioning, CrossFit workouts are all scalable. The intent of the scaled workouts is to allow everyone to complete the WOD or "workout of the day" at an appropriate level safely and to their best abilities.

By doing so, this provides an opportunity to build better mechanics and strengths over time, with the goal to be able to reach prescribed workouts as programmed.

Typical Class Structure


Our coaching staff is focused on teaching you the correct technique for all movements from the first day you step into the gym.

There is effective coaching through every workout in a group environment. This does not mean cheer leading but actual coaching, your mechanics and consistency will improve with every session.
Group coaching allows you to gather the same quality coaching as personal training for a fraction of the cost.

A typical class would look like the following:

  • Class run down and workout explanation
  • Mobility drills to improve joint range of motion
  • Muscle activation exercise
  • Strength or skill based portion
  • Focused workout of the day (WOD)
  • Stretching and soft tissue work for improved recovery

We offer additional services and classes such as Olympic Lifting classes, in house competitions to social friendly fundraisers and events, strongman seminars and yoga just to name a few.

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