There are many reasons as to why we do CrossFit.

There are many reasons as to why we do CrossFit. Some are performance based. Most athletes like getting stronger and faster and love that healthy competitive edge which is what drives them. These athletes have an idea of what their bodies are capable of and what they can achieve each week. Other athletes have a softer approach to their training.

Their reasons are more focused on general fitness and wellbeing like coming in for the fun, catching up with friends and enjoying a work out. Neither one is a greater reason to love CrossFit than the other as we all have different goals. We all know that turning up to the gym and working out each day will generally get you fitter and stronger but. It won’t necessarily make you achieve the goals that are specific to YOU.

Those goals might be:

  • A strong lift,
  • A faster time on a benchmark workout or,
  • Cracking a technical skill like Double-Unders.
  • Once accomplished, that feeling of achievement is quite rewarding and we live for each progression known as PB’s.


Ring the bell!!!

BUT… After a while, hitting a plateau might mean that your CrossFit experience isn’t as rewarding as it once was. So how do we continue to improve our athletic performance and our own unique goals? In many ways.

First, lets address PREPARATION. Being prepared for the task ahead requires daily targeted mobility BEFORE class. This doesn’t mean, just chilling out on the foam roller. We’re talking about using specific mobility exercises to increase your ROM and develop a better understanding of your anatomy.

Most gyms provide generic exercises for the “warm – up” but what you doing for YOUR body? By understanding what your body needs and how it’s responding to each stretch allows you to:

  1. Adjust the stretch as needed (activate/relax smaller muscle groups)
  2. Select alternative exercises if need be (ones that are more suitable for you on that particular day)
  3. Find ways to increase your mobility (based on your tight areas)

We recommend,

  1. Think about the task ahead, the exercises on the board and the timeframe set for the WOD that day.
  2. Research new stretches and exercises to increase your mobility and active your muscles
  3. Spend at least 20mins prior to class doing those exercises before starting the generic prescribed mobility for the day
  4. Asking your coach for extra mobility exercises that you can do at homeGo

go em tiger!

Part 2 – We talk about addressing our “weaknesses” to improve athletic performance and our own unique goals.